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Psychology of personality
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"Psychology of development of personality"

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psychological journal


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Requirements for articles for publication in the journal «Psychology of Personality»

The article should comply topics of the journal. Languages – Ukrainian, Russian, English. The author is responsible for authenticity and credibility of the material, the right correct citation and reference.

Scope of article– 10 - 14 pages, the format А-4, line spacing - 1.5 times, size 14, headset is Times New Roman;

Fields: left, top, bottom - 2.5 cm, right - 1 cm; paragraph - five marks;

pages of article is not numbered; do not use hyphens;

Formula: font size - 11 large index - 8, a small index - 5, great character - 14 small symbol – 11pt;

Ukrainian abstracts submitted before the text of the article, and Russian and English – after it;

together with the English annotation to submit title of the article in English;

tables, figures, figures should be numbered and have got the title;

Pictures submit only black and white color, format .jpg;

illustrations submit to the text, captions to type italics.

A separate file to add information about the author: first name, family name, patronymic (in three languages); title (in three languages); academic title, position, place of work (institution, unit) of author; address; e-mail; phone, fax.

Structure of the article: 1) the name of the author, the line below institution where the author works, e-mail, for example: Olga Petrishin, PreCarpathian National University named after V. Stefanik,;

2) title (capital letters); 3) summary Ukrainian, Russian and English (150-300 words) (10 pt, italic);

NB! forbidden to submit unedited version of machine translation;

4) keywords in each of the three languages (5-7 words) (10 pt, italic).

The text includes the following elements: an introduction / production research problem and its significance; analysis of recent research on this issue; formulation of purposes and tasks of the article; methods and techniques; statement basic material and justification of the results of research; conclusions and recommendations for further researches.

REFERENCES execute according to the norms of the American Psychological Association (APA): ( If the source published in Ukrainian or Russian (or other Cyrillic languages) in its list of references should be submitted only in Latin letters, for example: Shevelov, Yu. Narys Suchasnoii Ukrains’koii Literaturnoii Movy ta Inshi Lingvistychni Studii [An Outline of Modern Ukrainian Literary Language and Other Linguistic Studies] / Yurii Shevelov. – Kyiv : Tempora, 2012. – 664 p.; Kravchuk, S. Teoretychna model intelektu [Theoretical model of intelligence] / S. Kravchuk // Psycholohichni Perspektyvy. – 2006. – No 18. – P. 222-230; the authors highlight in bold italics; referring to article in the list of literature necessarily indicate its authors, title, source of edition, year of issue (number), pages; to the book in general - authors, the title (and genre), place of publication, publisher, year and number of pages; to on-line edition - the source and date of use; at each position in the references should be referenced in the text; link made as if meant to source whole [3], in the case of citation indicating the page number [3, 25].

The cost of publishing is 25 UAH. per page.

Details for payment:

Державний вищий навчальний заклад "Прикарпатський національний університет ім. В.Стефаника"

р/р 35226201004270 в ГУДКСУ, в Івано-Франківській області

МФО 836014

інд. под. № 021252609159

св. № 12884966

код ЄДРПОУ 02125266

(necessarily specify!): За публікацію в журналі "Психологія особистості"

Exempt from the payment of employees of PNU V.Stefanyk and doctors of sciences!


Scientific theoretical-methodological and applied psychological journal



Published since 2010

Owner: Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University


Certificate of registration of print media: series КВ № 16532 – 5004 Р, issued 24 march 2010 by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Scientific journal "Psychology of Personality" included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (MES Order № 893 of 04/07/2013)

Subscription index: 86123

Indexed in Google Академія ( - Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine



Editorial address:

76025, Ukraine,  Ivano-Frankivsk, Т. Shevchenka str., 57/ 518,

phones:    + 38-0342-59-61-36

+ 38-067-49-51-322



Editorial board:

Zinoviia Karpenko (editor-in-chief, Ivano-Frankivsk),

Olga Bogdashina (Lids, Great Britain), Iryna Bulah (Kyiv),

Vadym Vasiutynskiy (Kyiv), Zhanna Virna (Lutsk), Tamara Hovorun (Kyiv),

Pavlo Hornostay (Kyiv), Yaroslav Hoshovskiy (Lutsk), Hennadiy Hrybeniuk (Cherkasy),

Marina Guseltseva (Moscow, Russian), Ivan Danyliuk (Kyiv),

Larysa Zahrai (Ivano-Frankivsk), Larysa Zasekina (Lutsk), Olena Zlobina (Kyiv), Nadiia Kalina (Simferopol),

Olena Lischinska (Kyiv), Lidiia Moiseenko (Ivano-Frankivsk), Viktor Moskalets (Ivano-Frankivsk),

Halyna Radchuk (Ternopil), Valentyn Rybalka (Kyiv), Myroslav Savchyn (Drohobych), Anatoliy Furman (Ternopil),

Nigora Hazratova (Kyiv), Yuriy Shvalb (Kyiv), Nataliia Shevchenko (Zaporizhzhia),

Yuriy Sydoryk (executive secretary, Ivano-Frankivsk).

* * *

Editorial council:

Ihor Tsependa (Ivano-Frankivsk), Heorhiy Ball (Kyiv), Ivan Beh (Kyiv), Ihor Hoian (Ivano-Frankivsk), Serhiy Maksymenko (Kyiv),

Eleonora Nosenko (Dnipropetrovsk), Ihor Pasichnyk (Ostroh), Mykola Sliusarevskiy (Kyiv),

Vitaliy Tatenko (Kyiv), Tetiana Tytarenko (Kyiv), Nataliia Chepeleva (Kyiv), Tamara Yatsenko (Cherkasy).

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All published articles have passed peer-review procedures,

procedures of expert and competitive selection



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